Information Management is so misunderstood.  I’d like to correct that.

Over 25 years of business and frontline IM experience is continually being distilled and poured into this site.  Lessons learned, amazing discoveries and common-sense realisations make up the content in KEDATECH.COM.

Senior business managers, IM professionals and Information Analysts will hopefully benefit from the articles and blog postings here.

Readers be warned: some of the ideas may seem out-of-line or even radical. That’s because they’ve been developed from careful observation of real world experience.  They aren’t rehashed generally accepted “textbook” concepts.

I hope that what is offered here will benefit readers by helping to better understand and apply the who, what, where, when and how of this crazy little thing called IM.

About John Purchase

John Purchase is a certified Livelink® Business Consultant, an Oracle® Internet Application Developer (OCP) and professional information manager with more than 25 years of experience in the following fields:

  • records management
  • business analysis
  • project management & planning
  • training and coaching
  • policy development
  • IM architecture

In the beginning…

Starting in the records office back way back in 1981 (when Britney Spears was born, Terry Fox died and “Raiders of the Lost Arc” grossed over $385M), I soon realised that to do my job effectively, I had to understand my client’s business. I spent many hours listening and asking questions of clerks, managers and upper level management to satiate my curiosity about what they did day in and day out.

After working in records, real estate appraisal and developing national housing policies, I was voluntold to liaise with the “IT folks” to help develop an amazing application that would support the organisation’s new way of doing business. That was my first formal taste of business analysis.

Circumstances required me to call on ideas from database and software development, entity and relationship modeling so I could understand and lead a DIRKS/ISO 15489 based project team for a branch of 10,000 users at PWGSC.

Voilà – a true IM professional is (re-)born!

From that point on I have been involved in many ECMS implementations; RDIMS, OpenText Content Server (a.k.a. GCDOCS), developed interactive computer based training modules, presentations, developed enterprise file plans and policy frameworks.

About me…

I live in Ottawa with my wife, family and dogs. I am a partner in IMX Productions, the world’s most exciting digital transformation company and I enjoy training at K2 Martial Arts.

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, I’m fluent in English, functional in French. I have a Secret clearance and I’m currently working on Top Secret.